We create educational products and experiences that inspire, entertain and stimulate children through play.

We are the brand Kurious Kid: your #1 hotspot for brilliant and novel toys. We create adorable products and experiences that inspire, entertain and stimulate children through play.

Our benchmark is to give our shoppers the shopping knowledge at their fingertips as if they were shopping in a physical store; the only difference is that they don’t need to drive around the block to find a suitable parking spot. 

Our Founders

 It’s never too late to pursue one’s passion. Although the collective media image of a successful business person has shifted towards a hoodie-wearing, starry-eyed, fresh-faced  entrepreneur; the fact is – it is increasingly easier to be successful later in life after some hard working years of building the foundations both in professional and personal space. Individuals positioned as such in life are more capable of producing sustainable disruptive ideas because they are less beholden to existing paradigms that failed to generate results for them not hypothetically but in real tests. And, this is where the founders of Kurious Kid have a hefty advantage to make the brand a value added proposition.

It is a posse of 15+ founding members, in the age group of early thirties to early forties and each  with a strong sense of self. They are all scattered over the continental USA but are connected with the brand’s  ethos: never stop learning. Their professional work experiences span across designing zero emission, zero crash, future autonomous vehicles in the rejuvenated Motor City of Detroit to fabricating semiconductor chips in the West Coast tech-hubs. Some of the founders are involved in research in academia on consumer behavior and business analytics, some are pursuing professorship in top-notch US universities in the fields of engineering to create novel smart materials and in the field of IT – to pioneer computational journalism and modes of social sensing to big data analytics. Multiple founders are savvy in handling American e-commerce platforms and one individual finds passion in running restaurant franchises and overseas travel agencies.   

So, what happens after the daily grinds? some groove on publishing nursery rhyme books on amazon or on doing YouTube stand-up comedy. Some of them write songs on dinosaurs for kids or experiment with photography in the wilderness. Some are directing a drama society and writing scripts and one likes to tinker with a 1980s Chevy Corvette in the Detroit suburb. All these professional and personal niceties have earned them access to human capital. This type of capital involves deep networks and long-standing partnerships that help to add structure, credibility and resources to the brand value one aspires to establish.

Motivation into Vision

How the founders’ motivation precipitated into the vision for Kurious Kid? The common norm that brought the founders together is the joy of parenthood of guiding the young children. In the recent past, they noticed children of their own and of their friends are sometimes struggling to navigate through a learning system which is caught by surprise by the upheaval of the global pandemic in 2020-2021 onward. A pandemic-driven lockdown has constituted a cultural legacy which will live long in our memories and those of future generations. The pain is personal, emotional, psychological, societal, economic, and cultural. It is difficult to fathom this for a perfectly normal kid, let alone the struggle a special-need child falling on the spectrum of neuro-divergency would go through in this era. In many regards, this “black swan event” will perplex the parents on how to assist their children contextually in their educational journeys in the post-pandemic world. 

This is how the social responsivity triggered among the founders and the journey of Kurious Kid began as a brand. They envision to design toys which will be the vehicles of jubilance, imagination and action into the world of arts and science and as well as prepare the children to aspire to rise as the world reinventors and transformative figures.

The rhetoric

Kurious Kid’s ultimate goal is to evolve their website into a virtual ‘one-stop-shop’ for toys and exciting learning novelties. We envision hosting an astounding accumulation of prosocial, sensory, scientifically unique entertaining toys for babies, toddlers to school-age boys and girls. We want to make these accessible to distant parts of this planet earth eventually. And to start that journey at home in the United States of America, we are designing the products with love and emphasizing on green, sustainable, anti-child labor manufacturing and supply chain.  We are transforming the way American guardians purchase; so they can save more time to be at home with their ‘little ones’ and enjoy exploring our toys with them when those get delivered at their doorstep.

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